Gilad Atzmon the ex jew…or so he reckons.

Atzmon is making money from the holocau$t industry by opposing it!!.

He is not an “ex jew” as he makes out.All his buddies are other Jews!!.

He also refuses to admit the existence of CRYPTO JEWS….which is always a good sign that Jews like Atzmon are fakes.

Today he was lauding the fact that Britain stood up for Corbyn after accusations of antisemitism were made against Corbyn….

But this is YET ANOTHER JEWISH SCAM…..since Corbyn is almost certainly himself a Jew….or more accurately a crypto Jew.Global Jews Incorporated ALWAYS seek to control BOTH parties.

Miliband vs Cameron BOTH JEWS.


So the bearded weirdo CORBYN is pulling a fast one.NOTHING THESE POLITICIANS SAY OR DO CAN BE TRUSTED… is as simple as that.

Britain has not had a non Jew as PM since the sixties.

Atzmon is a fat trumpet blowing Israeli conman…and would make the perfect mossad spy….maybe he is just that.

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