NZ gets new US ambassador…no prizes for guessing his ethnicity

Scott Brown….former centerfold model is taking up the job.He is a crypto Jew of course and a mate of Trump-steen.

Jews have taken over the US govt,lock stock and barrel….and from here on in things are not going to go well for Americans…..Jews ALSO control what will become the American Secret Police Homeland Security…all a replay of what happened in Eastern Europe.There is now a former KGB spy acting as president of Russia.

A centerfold model acting as an ambassador is precisely what you would expect from a corrupted nation like the USA….it will likely be  a few decades before a horse is elected to the US Senate.

Right now it looks like the Jews who control the US Govt are planning another false flag attack in Syria…The poisonous gas tactic….ALL  in the interests of ISRAEL….. OF COURSE…..NOT AMERICA.

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