The repulsive Beckheims and their mates the Ramsays.

Only in 21st Century Britain could ignoramuses like the Beckheims amass £100,000,000 (probably more)..

They are crypto Jews of course…a fact NEVER mentioned in the media.Victoria Beckheim once had Hebrew lettering tattooed along her spine…but has since had it removed.

The fact that the Swearing Cook Gordstein Ramsberg is mates with these two cretinous fuckwits says a lot….Strange as it may seem Ramsay is NOT a Red Sea Pedestrian…a pederast perhaps but not a pedestrian…The crucial point to note here is…according to the Jews race regulations “Jewishness” is passed on via the mother….so no worries for Gordstein his wife is a full blown jewess…thus he has a passport to achieve success in the Jewish run media.

There is something fishy about Ramsay but it is hard to pin point it.

So all of Ramsays hatchlings are Jews.

As for the Beckheim hatchlings…if they did not have rich parents they would be living in a council ‘ouse….THEY ARE ALL AS THICK AS PLANKS….DROPKICKS,every one of them.

Obviously the Beckham’s at least would be targeted by the mob,if law and order broke down….because they are common as muck….and have ideas above their station.

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