Back Benches…The concept is good the execution ain’t.

Back Benches has the makings of a good tv current affairs type program.

It is hosted by your obligatory red sea pedestrian….A quick perusal reveals that this chap has got the market cornered on shiftyness….a very sly calculating and quick witted chap…who,if you wound the clock back a hundred years,would have made the ideal pickpocket in late Victorian London….”OOPS,sorry about that sir”…as he bumped into you on the Underground….only later do you notice your wallet has gone missing!.

Last week they had a panel of MPs …one snooty and no doubt rich jewess,two jewish/Maori hybrids (you can tell from their surnames) and a lightweight fool…….nothing there to inspire confidence in NZers in other words.

Then in the crowd were those tiresome dope promoters with their fucking signs.It is known that cannabis has a deleterious effect on DNA…this bunch…proved it.They were all candidates for a Kalashnikov makeover.

The problem with this show is it jumps about all over the place and no one ever gets a chance to make a point.

The point perhaps being that the audience is kidding itself if they think anything they say will have any effect.

They could erect some effigies of the elite class…and provide the audience with baseball bats….and measure the amount of clubbing with a bashometer…you could imagine that leading criminals of the elite would end up unrecognizable.”Sir” Mike the Kike Fay would disintergrate under the combined fury of outraged Kiwis…

No…The show tends to focus on non important matters….as you might expect.

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