Either it is some sort of computer glitch…or..

The Daily Mails “comments” are often more interesting than the actual articles…particularly if there is a humorous aspect to the subject.

But I cannot access them….changing the access path worked…but only once before that was blocked too.  The fucking wankers…looks like they are breaking the law again…..That’ll be the GCSB crowd again..

Many people have predicted that the elite would eventually seek to control the internet and that seems to be precisely what is happening.

The German government,with its renown efficiency is ALREADY at it.

I have been endeavoring to contact a squad of lawyers in Britain but I reckon they (the secret police) are fucking this up…..

You really need loads of money to defend yourself…just like in a third world country.Only because Dotcom had loads of cash at his disposal did he manage to uncover police breaking the law.The more money you have the greater your “rights”…which makes a joke out of the constant condemnation of countries like Russia.

There is a firmly entrenched corrupted elite in NZ….and the CUNTS want to keep it that way….and DON’T underestimate the lengths they will go to either…..like plain old murder.

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