No show from Grant Daltstein???.

Last time crypto Grant was mentioned on this blog he later showed up in the supermarket….perhaps as a form of intimidation….

No sign of ‘im yet…this time around though…he is probably preoccupied with the Americas Cup stuff…maximising profits for the future.

Dalton has extensive zio-seafaring history having travelled around the globe in ocean racing yachts.

Seafaring amongst Jews has a long history…for example Christopher Columbus was said to be a crypto Jew.Then there were the Moroccan based Barbary Pirates…who were actually said to be Jews.

Perhaps the most famous example of Jews on the high seas were the Slavers who transported Africans to America and Brazil and the Caribbean.Some slave ships were said to be entirely crewed by Jews!.(Jewish businessmen sold the slaves at auction in America and Brazil)

None of this is common knowledge because it does not suit the legend of persecuted Jews….AND… they run all the publishing companies.

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