Wimbledon…a beacon of excellence in a declining country.

Wimbledon is probably the best tennis tournament in the world today.

The superb centre court….with its flowering plants and subdued colouring.The uniforms…The General atmosphere….top notch.Even the posh pommie TOSSERS in their three piece suits on a broiling hot day adds to the overall atmosphere….It is more than playing for vast amounts of money it has the added x factor….even the famous strawberries are part of it.

As an example of excellence in Britain it is right up there with British civilian jet engines..

There are one or two improvements that could be made on the security front…perhaps a sniper positioned on the roof….ready to take out The Beckheims if they should set foot in centre court again..They don’t go to Wimbledon to see the match,they go there to be seen AT the match….OIKS dressed in finery.

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