Brooklyn Beckheim publishes photo book

You know Britain has really gone down the toilet when a thick oik publishes a book of pseudo arty black and white photographs….and they sell.

Well actually they probably DONT sell,more likely it will be a tax right off scam…

The Jewish controlled media in Britain goes easy on the little dumb cunt….that is they don’t call the whole thing,a preposterous joke….well,the Beckheims are Jews after all…and rich ones at that.  There are some other crafty CRYPTO Jew scammers…The Oasis pop group,who are forever in the celebrity news…they are just a bunch of plagiarizing grotesque Jewish wankers…but the British public never calls them out.

The poms even get a helping hand to call out Beckheim juniors bluff…he  looks the part …THICK AS TWO SHORT PLANKS….actually his plank rating is more likely to be at least three or possibly FOUR short planks.

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