Mark Wahlburg…an atrocious sawn off zio-midget punk who pretends he is a Catholic

He appeared on the Graham Norton torque show alongside Sienna Miller the blonde English film star….she too is a crypto Jew….but not easily recognisable as such…she doesn’t look at all Jewish….sort of like the children of the shouty cook Ramsay…whose wife is a jewess.

Is Norton a Jew….maybe not,but he IS a sexual deviant so this is acceptable to the Jews in showbiz.

Wahlburg announced on the show that he sent his children to a Catholic School…unfortunately this will trick a lot of viewers…who are unaware that the Catholic church has been heavily infiltrated by Jews…MARRANOS….(all down to historical events)

Just look at the punk Wahlburg…he is as Jewish as John Kerry or Madeline Albright…..only in America could a two bit punk like Walhburg become a top movie star.

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