Mike Hoskings brain is packing up…emergency

Mike Hosking is a legend in NZ broadcasting….for all the wrong reasons…his brain does not function as it should and as a result he often makes really dumb comments.

His hang dog look  does not help matters but would fit right in IF NZ TV employed Neanderthals as presenters rather than Jews.

Speaking of which there is a new Jewish sports reporter on to join all the other Jewish sports reporters…but this one has a far higher GREASE rating (his name is Karl something or other)

Few Kiwis would recognise that Saville is infact a crypto Jew…..but this one wouldn’t look out of place wailing at the Wailing Wall…..he is approaching the Hyper-Greasy classification…..

The TV1 foreign correspondent in London a tubby jewess with a permanent bad hair day….has just interviewed another Kiwi-ette who met the Queen to receive some sort of anti bullying award…..BUT The zio-reporter left out some crucial information…The award winner was a fellow tribeswoman…The secretive Jewish network was no doubt at least partially responsible for the win….tough luck to the goyim who entered the competition thinking it was all fair and above board.

“The Project”…is fronted by a varied selection of CRYPTO JEWS..with the odd token minority.Now here’s the weird thing…there is not a kiwi Anglo Saxon in sight…..which is odd given the majority of Kiwis come from this ethnicity….weird!.

Don’t fret about this one…The Jews are in the process of radically altering NZs ethnic makeup…which will bring enormous benefits ….like in Britain where it has been revealed that Albanian criminals are running heroin into the country and destroying hundreds,if not thousands of native Britons lives….Meantime the BBC which is TOTALLY CONTROLLED BY JEWS will keep telling the British public about all the benefits of multiculturalism….

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