Nick Knowles…’elpin art people in need..

Good old Nick…he features on Bwitish TV….He finds people in need and helps them by fixin up their ‘ouses…

He rallies the local community to give  free labour, time and expertise to assist the person down on their luck….thoroughly commendable.

I’ve seen two of his programmes which is quite enough to know that all is not what it seems with Nicks charity activities….because in BOTH cases the people Knowles was helping were ALSO Jewish ….or more accurately crypto Jews…..So infact Knowles is using the generosity of the local goyim to assist HIS community….Jews….not THE community.

Of course the people giving their time to help someone in need have no idea Knowles is pulling a fast one on them.Morally this is wrong….at least,after all IF he had been honest people still may have helped out….Then you ask if the hard luck stories that are told are actually completely true…or just part true….in order to dupe the people into offering help.

Since the BBC is run by Jews…you have to ask if the programme was set up,right from the outset to help Jews and not the general population of Britain.

Keep in mind that the executive level of the BBC KNEW all about the Jew Saville AND DID NOTHING!!.

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