Weet-bix®….A Kiwi Staple….

This cardboard like food is very popular in NZ….and they sponsor the All Blacks®  so its gotta be good…?!.

Actually this stuff is the greatest reflux causing “food” on the market…it gives the stomach an endurance test from hell.

If you suffer from Cardboard Intolerance you should not be eating this stuff….If you keep eating this cereal,sooner or later you’ll regret it.

Currently there is a spat going on between Weetabix© and Weetbix©..Weetabix © is the pommie version and it is actually better than the Antipodean version….

Pom expats in NZ have been importing Weetabix because they find Weetbix intolerable….which is completely understandable….since it is AWFUL.

But the company which makes the All Blacks what they are today…Sanitarium is objecting to the importation of the similar sounding Weetabix….which is totally pathetic of course.Maybe they sense that if NZers were given a choice on the matter Weetbix would gradually lose market share….which it sure as hell deserves to do.There should be a govt health warning on the packet!!.

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