Olly Murs …Toupee wearing Essex Jew with medium grease rating.

Murs is more Old Estonian than Old Etonian in ancestry…Well his relatives are from Latvia but that is close enough.

Murs is living proof,that as long as you are a Jew…any talentless halfwit can become a pop star.

He would not be a pop star if he was not a Jew….it is as simple as that.

His toupee is absurd because it is so obvious….

How is it his relatives got to live in Britain before the EU got going…no doubt secret Jewish networks facilitated their entry.It is quite possible they entered Britain illegally….that was when there was SOME control over immigration…..Today Turks and Albanians run drugs into Britain along with illegal immigrants.

Don’t be fooled by Murs cheeky Essex boy demeanour….it will be a big act…

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