The zio-Guardians pc (zio-marxist) agenda infiltrates everything….

You would think an article about wild parakeets breeding in Europe couldn’t possibly feature Zio-pc BS ….no,not a bit of it…like religious maniacs the Guardians zio-journalists always endeavour to include political correctness into every aspect of life.

So the Zio-hack writing a wildlife related article about Indian Ringneck parakeets breeding in Europe includes something like….”normally the middle class would not be in favour of Asians taking up residency in their country “(the Asians being the brightly coloured parakeets….The middle class translates as native Anglo Saxons….”whites” in other words.

But that was where it all stopped…because later in the article it is mentioned that steps are being considered to” cull the introduced species to protect the native species as they are being “forced out of areas by the aggressive new arrivals”

Which is PRECISELY what has happened to “native species” in London and Frankfurt….we are talking native human species here….thanks to the Jews hostile immigration promotion….via the BBC and Guardian…both of which are staffed by an hostile aggressive invading species the Midwich Zio-Cuckoo “thought to originally have inhabited the Near East”….(where a self re-introduction program was started circa 1948.)

Both Theresa May and Corbyn are part of the invasive species with a unique camouflage system which makes them hard to differentiate from native species.

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