Why NZ MPs are common or garden variety scum.

What say you vote for MPs who absolutely refuse to do what they promised to do prior to election.

This is PRECISELY what is happening in most democracies around the world.

What say they give speeches about helping poor people then spend money…taxpayers money ,on indulging themselves

What say…The media,which is SUPPOSED to act as a watchdog…assists MPs by promoting gross negligence as something good….

Well something like the above has just occurred in NZ….as it does routinely…primarily because NZ is a small country all the cunts at the top and that includes MPs and “journalists” know each other…off screen they might be having a beer together….fucken cunts they are….

Jacinda Adern appears to be a crypto jew….she is the new deputy of the La our Party….so she will be getting a massive pay packet….MORE than MPs are paid in countries with a greater per capita income than  NZ.

Adern belongs to “world socialist” type groups….STRANGELY she is NOT objecting to her massive pay packet while so many NZers are living on the streets….as you might expect a committed socialist to do..

Adern is infact a FAKE ….but you’d never guess it….she is out for number one….as anyone familiar with these cunts,eventually works out….

She has just spent several thousand dollars of tax payers money flying to Britain for a couple or so days to attend her sisters wedding…at a minimum five thousand dollars…meantime THOUSANDS of NZers are STRUGGLING to pay to see the doctor….while THOUSANDS of third world immigrants are OVERLOADING our health system.

Aderns ABUSE of tax payers money is then turned into a good news story by Jewish run TV1!!!!…..you wouldn’t believe it….”long distance meet up between sisters” etc…It WOULD be good news IF the SLAG paid for it herself rather than the taxpayer.

So it transpires that….essentially….people in democracies…NO LONGER…..have anyone to vote for….and with the media acting as promotion agents for MPs the whole thing is a fucking farce.

All the socialist stuff by Adern is for appearances ONLY….it is highly doubtful NZers will figure that one out in the voting booth….they COULD vote National of course….but they are a pack of self serving CUNTS as well…..and they KNOW of the growing resentment against them…..Hey!…they ain’t stoopid…that’s why you now have body guard goons surrounding the top cunts..thugs both in and out of uniform….Eventually the resentment will fester away that even the promos by the corrupted media will not be enough to quell dissent.





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