The Guardian and the constant drumbeat of anti European articles.

Just for the record….The Guardian is Jewish owned and operated.The staff are either Jews or preprogrammed minorities….there are very few Europeans on its staff….normal ones that is.

The Guardian is constantly accusing Europeans of racism….it is a drum beat…every day they manage to cook up another angle on “white racism”.

Remember it is ALWAYS whites who are being accused of racism….by Jews…but of course most readers have no idea the journalist is Jewish…

The Guardian is VERY short on exposing Jewish racism….as you might expect.The whole of Israel is based on racism.From the Jews only immigration to the persecution of residents in Israel who are not Jews…..Israel is a state founded on racial supremacy…of Jews.

Of course ALL of this stuff is well disguised….you get Jews like Gilad Atzmon putting out disinformation that Jews are not a race….it’s all total B.S….and a salutary lesson on why Jews should never be allowed to lead organisations against themselves…because they will mislead very quickly (“anti-Semitism” Incidently…refers to race…)

This time around the Guardian have a new scam operating….”racist music festivals”….this one is written by an Indian (who may well be an Indian crypto Jew).White racists are conspiring again to prevent non whites from attending music festivals in the USA…..shock horror.However it would be quite acceptable to the writer if whites were excluded from Black festivals…not that most would ever want to.

It would be best to describe the Guardian as a Jewish anti white propaganda organ….and they are getting pretty blunt about it these days.

It really is about time the Guardian was told in no uncertain terms to quit its racist Jewish anti European rants.

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