American Negro pop star “Jay-Z” says Jews own all the property in the USA.

Actually given his huge wealth (+ or – one billion) Jay-Z was probably misquoted….because if he is worth a billion dollars he would sure know how dangerous it is to openly talk about the Jews wealth and influence.Dangerous to your bank balance and reputation (see the destruction of the journalist Helen Thomas…as just one example).

Of course Jews seize on stupid comments like this….because they then go off on a tangent ridiculing the claim.

IF… The nuggety pop star had said..”Jews control Hollywood or the music industry or the media OR the US government….”….THAT would make sense…..most people would respond to the claim that “Jews control all property” as nonsense….which is perhaps the desired result.

Obviously any genuinely responsible US  government would lock up Jay-Z for adopting such a ridiculous name…AND for wearing back to front baseball caps.

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