Compensation culture…it’s NZs version of America’s suing madness.

Americans will sue at the drop of a hat…it is part of American culture…you could say it is a way of compensating Americans for the grossly unequal nature of American society….

So now NZers are constantly looking for opportunities to extract compensation from the cunts in parliament……The squeaking wheel gets the oil.

Currently I am seeking to claim compensation for shock and distress experienced while inadvertently pressing the wrong button on the remote control…and tuning into Shortland Street…..which,according to the publicity,is in the “Winter Season”.

Like nuclear winter….The script writers of this show are crimes against humanity….The acting is appalling the plots patently absurd…..all in all enough to send someone into a state of catatonic shock……

OK…you are just beginning to recover from all this and you,by accident, sit on your remote which tunes the TV into another form of hell….TV1s Breakfast show….a trio of politically correct lightweight IDIOTS….with a side helping of a homosexual smurf who presents the weather….

You find they are talking about Paul McCartney and his intended visit to NZ…(probably receiving a back hander from the promoter for doing so)…out come all the superlatives…but it is like the FUCKING NIGHTMARE “Entertainment Tonight”   The US show which covers celebrities…completely false.

Never mind that McCartney can no longer hold a note…his performance at the London Olympics was marked for one thing ,Macca singing out of tune ,even with more than a “little help from his friends”.

So all of this adds up to a good case for claiming compensation from the govt…How about NZers claiming compensation from parliament itself…for allowing Fay Richshite to steal HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS OF TAX REVENUE FROM NZERS!.

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