Imperceptible changes in crowd composition in western countries.

Previously people of European ancestry made up 95% of a crowd watching a sporting event….but in another hundred years this will all change…but day to day this will be hardly noticeable…’ll have to look at historical photographs to see it.Like photos of London in the swinging sixties…The people in those photos,if magically transported to the 2010s would assume that something had gone dramatically wrong with their country…they may even assume the country had been invaded and occupied by foreign armies….AND THEY WOULD BE RIGHT!….only the invasion has been brought about by the treacherous corrupt elite…..of BRITAIN!!.

THE SINGLE MOST OVERIDING reason Rome collapsed was precisely for THIS reason….vast numbers of alien people settling in Rome changing the nature of the people who had given rise to the great civilisation…..making sure that when Rome started to falter and decline there was no way back…collapse became inevitable…sooner or later.

Contrast Ancient Rome with Ancient China….as various dynasties reached  their sell by date and the elite became corrupted…as the cunts at the top always do (but not before killing loads of people in an attempt to stay in power)….they were replaced with a vigorous budding new elite….from the school of hard knocks rather than the pampered twats of the aristocracy.

No Worries….because the “replacements” were of the same ethnicity as the the degenerates who had just had their heads chopped off…resulting in a continuation of Chinese civilisation.So China was lucky to be isolated from other peoples…aside from the Mongols of course….but they got rid of them….The Mongol invaders had all the trappings of power when they set up shop in China….but it was never going to last.Mongols are now back in their Yurts dreaming of the days when they killed an estimated 50 million people.Their legacy to the world.

No matter what some egghead with an agenda tells you about the collapse of Rome….mass alien immigration was the chief reason for its decline.Appropriately academics can be fired from their jobs today for suggesting different races have different characteristics OTHER than their appearance.

Let’s get one thing straight…The flood of invaders into Europe and other Western Countries is NOT going to stop by kindly asking politicians to represent the AVERAGE person’s views on the subject….ALREADY….”The average people” in Britain are discovering that their vote to leave the EU  is becoming watered down….there are compromises and delaying tactics and all the IF’S and WHYS ……..

The Guardian has more and more articles about “the far right”….trying to equate this with absurd words like xenophobia and intolerance….and let’s not forget RACISM!!!,…The all encompassing catch word….keeping in mind that racism ONLY applies to Europeans…..Guess who owns the non racist Guardian….well another race altogether….which studiously avoids mentioning blatant examples of racism carried out by the Jews of ISRAEL…every single day of the year….as you might expect……AND THIS RACE is jailing people across Europe…that is those people who suggest Jews are extremely powerful and influential…..they call these people racists for commenting on racists…nice one!!.

Britain is lurching from one crisis to another…The doddering old granny they now have as Prime Minister…coupled be compared to one of those dodgy emperors with the life span of a mayfly that characterised the latter part of ancient Rome.( “I Theresa” rather than “I Claudius”).

Britain will have to rely on ordinary Britons to bring about the required change so they can reclaim their country….watch out for the British Secret Police..MI5 though….they work for the elite….not BRITAIN.

Guess what France and Germany are confronting exactly the same problems.





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