Slavery in London 2017….

A top police officer has stated that there is actual slavery going on in London….not 100 years ago,but right now.

How is it a police officer is mentioning this when there are thousands of marching,demonstrating socialists in London???….why are they not saying anything about it??….Easy….today “socialist” WANKERS spend all their time demonstrating on identity issues…like the Rainbow cunts on their gay support parades….Which is more important SLAVERY or fudgepacker rights…’s a no contest.

The slavery has been going on for several decades….I personally witnessed some of it without even trying….The slavery occurs mostly on building sites,Hotels and Restaurants….It is pure exploitation and fucking criminal to boot.

Slavery only occurs because of the Jewish elites program of flooding Europe with third world invaders.BUT there WILL be a price to pay…but the people benefiting from the slavery will not be the people who’ll be paying!.

And nothing is going to be done about it either….nothing short of a revolution will change a thing….Britain is sleepwalking toward massive civil unrest…not that the corrupted elite gives a toss…..The restaurant owners line their pockets with money that SHOULD have been used to pay employees a living wage.

When you see the well to do crowds at events like Wimbledon…you can’t help but think they are like the Ancient Roman elite carrying on as normal as forces clamored at the gates of Rome.

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