HGTV….promo for the NWO agenda.

This garbage from America is not simply about house renovation,but rather is a vehicle for the Jews NWO programme.

That is the theme of house renovation is used to carry other less obvious propaganda.Promotion of sexual deviance and racial intermarriage.

Sometimes the Jews who produce this garbage double up on the message.They have two homosexuals renovating/buying a house PLUS they are of two different races….

You could expect this sort of thing in proportion to the actual incidence of this behaviour in society….BUT instead the Jews make this type of programme way out of proportion to what you could expect….from this fact you can deduce that it is all quite deliberate….A deliberate attempt to influence society by constant repetition via tv shows like this….

So HGTV are not the benign outfit they would have you believe….rather they are in the business of propaganda,cleverly concealed propaganda.Britain…also a stronghold for the Jews produces the same sort of stuff….but not to the same extent.The Daily Mail which is supposed to be supportive of tradition….ALSO engages in this stuff….along with their fixation with Nazi stuff….once again this is quite deliberate.The Daily Mail hack reporting on the All Blacks Lions matches …was a jew….of course.(no wonder the cunts have blocked access to comments on their articles)

So the propaganda employed by the elite in Western Countries is far more sophisticated than that once used against citizens in Eastern Europe by the communists.(ruled by Jews just like the West today)

HGTV…..a pack of Zio cunts pretending to produce “family oriented” TV…

BIGGER PICTURE….observe the idiocracy now ruling America…THEY ARE ALL JEWS….The Trump rabble in Europe….they are ALL JEWS.In what functioning democracy do you have a Borgia-like family involved in politics…it is the height of absurdity.Trouble is,the same noxious tribe ALSO totally control the US media!.

It boils down to the fact that Americans no longer have a choice when voting…..They can vote for a Republican Jew or a Democrat Jew….a situation that seems not to have been forseen by the founders of America….who wrote the US constitution.

Americans would prefer money spent on Israel’s wars was instead invested in America…on things like infrastructure..but their country has been HIJACKED by a small highly ethnocentric minority…The Jews…minority rule in other words.Racist minority rule.Americans have NO SAY about its armed forces being used and abused by Jews with an agenda.

AMERICANS,particularly Middle Class Americans have been fucked over by the Jewish elite class….right royally screwed into the ground….and they expect a Jew like Trump to change the situation….THEY HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING THEMSELVES…..The Jewish tosser has taken up where Obama left off.

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