Jews who control NZ TV are deliberately EXCLUDING European Kiwis from the media.

How DO Jews manage to do this??….without it being obvious….The answer to this is…..MOST people assume the presenters are “whites” when infact they are JEWS…..or more accurately crypto Jews…that is they conceal the fact they are Jews.

Jews have been behaving in this manner for centuries… is an entirely dishonest practice….because employment law states that there be no exclusion of employment opportunity based on ethnicity.

So the hierarchy of NZ media companies which favour Jews for employment are actually BREAKING THE LAW!!..The Jews actually actively exclude Europeans from employment in the media….while covering their tracks by favouring employment of minorities in lesser positions…..However the Jews will give senior positions to minorities IF they have some Jewish ancestry.

Obviously all this stuff is about maintaining Jewish influence and power and NOT about minorities.

Then the Jews have one final trick up their sleeves….bombarding the public with claims of “white racism”.

You can be sure Israeli television is NOT run by anyone but Jews….

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