More top quality disinformation from the Zio-Mail.

The Daily Mail is getting a reputation for its high quality disinformation…..

This one concerns the reported comments of Arab fake refugees in Hamburg….about demonstrators in the city.  “They are crazy to ruin the beautiful city of Hamburg”

It’s nonsense of course…cooked up by the hacks of the Pravda like Daily Mail.

Objective:The article implies that the invaders brought into Germany by the crypto jewess Merkel care about the beauty of the city more than the Germans living in Hamburg….they care so much they make comments to the bullshit hacks of the Mail…..TOTAL NONSENSE…..

Therefore the invaders will make a valuable contribution to Germany….

The REALITY is something entirely different…..areas of Germany where there are concentrations of invaders have seen huge rises in crime.(In Sweden there are now no go areas for police because of Sweden’s treacherous elite FLOODING Sweden with third world immigrants)

The SCUM at Daily. Mail HQ KNOW THE TRUTH OF THE MATTER…but keep lying anyway….because the Jewish controlled gutter press in London are promoting a hidden agenda.

The crypto Jew editor of the Mail is paid close to two million pounds per year for his treachery…and rewards his loyal minions at the Mail by calling them cunts….literally.He has also been claiming EU subsidies for land he owns in Scotland….but is purportedly against the EU…..Do you get the picture?…The editor of this newspaper is the CUNT…with his employees a distant second in the cunt stakes.

Filth like the editor if the Mail is one of the reasons Britain is being over run by third world invaders….WHILE PURPORTING TO DO THE OPPOSITE.

Civilisations always collapse because of a corrupted elite NEVER because of the average citizens.

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