Gilad Atzmon the “ex jew” ….leaves out critical facts.

He sure is pumping out the articles just lately….which is understandable since he wants to publicise his new money maker book about Jews….His book could easily be reduced in size…Chapter One…Jews are a pack of cunts who control the West…..easy,no worries,and straight to the point.

Ex JEW Atzmon mentions the trouble Roger Waters (pink Floyd) has experienced at the hands of organised Jewry…..OOPS!….Atzmon neglects to mention that Waters is himself a Jew AND Atzmon MUST KNOW THIS!.

Which begs the question WHY has Atzmon not mentioned this??….very pertinent fact.

Jews… has been well established like to run their own enemies….an effective strategy which means they control the narrative.Jews make a point of CONTROLLING BOTH political parties…like the farce of the last US election …TRUMP vs Clinton BOTH JEWS.

Putin vs Trump……BOTH JEWS.

Corbyn vs May….BOTH JEWS

Cameron vs Milliband BOTH JEWS

Sarkozy vs Hollande BOTH JEWS.

You get the picture…..what’s the bet Atzmon is actually working for some Israeli intelligence outfit.Keep in mind one of the signs of Jewish fakes is they refuse to say the Holocau$t is fake…which it is,like 9/11 (same authors).

Note:<<<<<<Anthony Beevor>>>>> the British historian wrote a top selling book on the final days of Berlin WW2.In this book it is mentioned that the Nazis had SARIN GAS… extremely lethal gas.

Question:If the Nazis had SARIN GAS why did they waste time with Zyklon B which was designed for fumigation not execution.Of course Zyklon B was used in concentration camps to kill typhus bearing lice….etc etc

Atzmon will not and has not said the Holocau$t is a fake story….an obviously FAKE story…..Conclusion…Atzmon is just another Jewish fake opposition gambit.ONE thing you CAN say in his favour is…..he is fat enough to make quite a few cakes of soap out of.

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