Jewish controlled BBC…..wave after wave of attacks on real Christians…under the guise of tolerance.

Note :It is NOT a coincidence that one of the BBC s leading sports presenters,Gary Linekar is a Jew.

Jewish control of the BBC extends to sports coverage….

Thus this provides the Jews at the BBC the opportunity to launch attacks on heretics like Margaret Court….The famous Australian tennis player.

She is an all time tennis great…..BUT NOT SO FAST….there is a problem…she does not express the correct views…according to the Jews.She is a real Christian (unlike the degenerates who now run the Anglican church)…Court is against gay marriage…which is not surprising since the bible is against it.

Keep in mind the long ONgoing cover up by the BBC Jews of the Jew Savilles heinous crimes against children….Here we have a clear example of the agenda of the BBC……THEY ARE FILTH….

On the other hand the BBC Jews are able to PROMOTE sexual deviance under the guise of tolerance.Navratilova is invited in to commentate on tennis matches.She is a lesbian of course….Margaret Court had things to say about lesbians like Navratilova…..saying they deliberately targeted young nieve female tennis players…..No doubt the BBC Jews would have something to say if older male tennis players were targeting young female players!!.

So why is the BBC so ready to condemn REAL Christians like Court….here’s where it gets complicated…..but essentially it is to do with religion and the Jews traditional hatred of Christianity… a sense Christianity is. competition for the Jews domination of Western Countries.Thus in Washington where the Jews are all powerful …we witness the giant Minorah being erected right outside the Whitehouse..NOTE:symbols of Christianity are forbidden!!!.(Christmas trees are NOT symbols of Christianity)

The Jews power extends across the globe and it will not end until European countries are driven into the ground and the culture destroyed…..OR a revolution turns the table on their racist minority rule.

Obviously a sustained internet campaign against the racist BBC would be beneficial.

To make these attacks a little easier to see….just witness what the Jews have done to western art… a “masterpiece” can be a canvas with a few lines,dots and squiggles….which most normal people recognise is a joke….a bad fucking joke.This “art” is funded by wealthy Elders of Zion fiends like the Hungarian jew Soros….otherwise they would never see the light of day.

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