Zio-Windsors begin the process of multiculturalising Buckingheim Palace.

Pwince Harry looks like he is getting the process underway by squiring an American zio-octoroon tv star.The Daily Mailsteen hacks are all over this story like a rash….some may note that the American is somewhat bow legged…but the Daily Mail does not!.Zio-Mail Katy Hopkins (MI5)  reckons Prince Harry is responsible.

The Jewish controlled media in Britain could not get enough of a new breaking story…..The Queen is employing a Ghanaian born official at the palace.Sparkly photographs were splashed across the Mails pages.

(This will be tied in with the zio-elite plans to re-energise the Commonwealth to replace the EU…..which is jolly bad luck for native British people because the corrupted elite will be be shifting even more third world citizens to Britain)

It is about time people stopped making excuses for the Windsors….Make no mistake the Windsors are crypto Jews…The job lot of them….which fully explains all the Queens “inexplicable” actions like supporting the invasion of Britain……by third world immigrants.

The Windsors need to be got rid of IF Britain is to survive….rather than cause a calamity by shutting down the Monarchy….The Windsors need to be replaced by people of British stock….a new dynasty in other words.

The corrupted Aristocracy….The Loins of Longleat.The bloke who runs this place is rather like one of those degenerate far Eastern potentates…he even had his own harem for a while.


This Marquis or what ever fancy title he has got….is highly peculiar to say the least…BUT he has got loads of money.

According to a documentary he has his own collection of Nazi memorabilia…collected in the sixties.THIS fact would have brought him to the attention of secretive Jewish networks….unbeknownst to him.(Rich Nazi style figures pose a threat to Jewish interests)

Most likely he was targeted….his brain seems to have been partially fried by an excess of drugs in the sixties….

After frying his brain during the flower power era of the sixties (probably LSD…his horrendous paintings plastered on the walls of his mansion suggest a psychotic crazy mixed up nutter) he married an Hungarian-ess imposter type.Who ,once she had hatched a couple of the Marquis brats..hightailed it out of there and shacked up with a lover in France.

Most likely she was or is a crypto Jew…probably sized up for the dickhead drug sodden Marquis.His son looks Jewish whereas the Marquis looks like a full blown Anglo Saxon.

The son has since married a Nigerian posh girl whose father is a super rich oil type in Nigeria.

Which will bring to a close…ultimately…..(The end) of this branch of the Ariscockracy.Not all the pommie aristocracy has been intermarried with others….but they are working on it…..

Needless to say this drug addled Marquis poses no threat to Jewish Power any longer.

You could speculate that this sort of goings on led to the demise of the Roman aristocracy….and ultimately Rome itself….Octavian a top ranking emperor attempted to stop the rot….but as Rome declined so did the quality of leadership….(see tottering granny just a stones throw from a zimmer frame…Theresa the Dispensable)

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