So why are there so few genuine British tennis champions?

Basically Britain is a nation very much in decline…..and a state with gross disparity of income….there is a vast yawning chasm of wealth between the haves and have nots…….The sort of wealth disparity characteristic of third world countries.

There is an entrenched class system…so that tennis is primarily the preserve of the upper level of society.So those HEAVILY promoted Windors who turn up FREE at Wimbledon to present prizes are indirectly responsible for the poor state of tennis in Britain.

Prince William and his missus got the British taxpayers to pay for the installation of a professional level tennis court at their taxpayer funded new house.

Then there is the widespread use of drugs amongst young people…..The highest per capita in Europe…guaranteed to damage the health of the user.

Essentially there is a “conspiracy” waged against the majority of people in Britain by the HUGELY WEALTHY ELITE….who have the bulk of their money in tax havens.The conspiracy involves things like the Daily Mail constantly running Windsor promo articles practically EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.Never is it mentioned that it is time for the average person to wake up and realise that it is time to grow up and replace the parasite Windsors with a new bunch who reflect the 21st century….Keep


Contrast Britain with all those East European tennis players….Obviously in these countries ordinary people get the opportunity to play tennis if they wish.

Essentially Britain is kept afloat by the Jewish banking operation in London.Thus it has been possible to run down British industry and avoid revolution….

Is the ignorance of the British public actually responsible for the current situation?Poms DO watch any inordinate amount of television…..No wonder the great TV production “The Monocled Mutineer”….has not been rerun since it’s screening in the eighties.The unseen hand of the elite reaches in and STOPPED this.

Give the pommie elite their due…they are a while lot more cunning than the French lot….who lost their heads in numbers.The Pommie elite knows when to back off just before your common Pom gets really gets revolutionary…then once pacified….and off guard the elite strike hard….betrayal ain’t the word for it.

In The Monocled Mutineer the elite find a toady member of the early SIS (secret police)…,who hunts down the Mutineer…..THE ELITE CARRY ON THIS “TRADITION” to this day.Essentially the British Secret Police (MI5)are mercenaries for the monied elite NOT employees of British taxpayers.

SO IS IT ANY WONDER THAT THE “pedophile inquiry” ALWAYS COMES TO A DEAD END…….they are investigating the elite!!.This is another strategy employed by the elite…..draw it out until the public forget about it.

No wonder British tennis is in such bad shape….your average Pom is being ripped off in more ways than you can imagine.

NOTE:While MI5 WILL murder people like Dr David Kelly….they don’t bother with doing the same to drug kingpins….this should tell you what they are REALLY about.



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