The Protocols of the Elders of Zyklon™ and the Daily Mail.

One of the Protocols states that they will set up organisations that will seem to be in complete opposition to their objectives….but they’ll be running them…

And the perfect example today is The “nationalistic” Daily Mail….described as “right wing”…..when infact it is not any fucking wing….at all.

While the Daily Mail campaigns for brexit”… find highly contradictory information about the editor… he is receiving EU subsidies for land/forestry owned in the north of Britain….which is PRECISELY what you would expect if you assume that the Daily Mail is as fake as hell.

Genuine nationalists should have the Daily Mail on their to do list post successful revolution

1)The secret police HQ next to the Thames….MI5.

2)The Zio-BBC HQ.

3)The Daily Mail (for printing one too many articles on the Zio-Windsors and Zio-Beckheims….The only difference between the two is one of them speaks posh.)

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