Pop videos and the one eyed covered thing.

Let’s get one thing quite clear this is NOT a conspiracy theory…..it is stone cold fact.

Many pop videos feature the singer with one eye covered….not only videos but also arty photo shoots with models.

This does NOT happen by chance ….it is to do with hidden messages of Jewish Satanism….and it is NOT benign….it is to do with the corruption of youth.

Individually it would not have much influence….but young people are bombarded with such images….plus promotion of sexual deviance…..is common.

Two exponents of this are the hideous jewesses Lady Gaga and Madonna….distilled filth would be a good way of describing them.(Madonna was married to the Jewish film director Guy Richie).Katy Perry the disgusting Satanist pop singer also features the one eye covered trick….she is a jewess of course….her former husband Wussel…The multi-millionaire British socialist is a crypto Jew…that goes without saying.

These Satanist JEWS need to be stopped and covert action against them would prove beneficial…..The credits for who produced the videos should prove useful.

Western Countries are actually under siege by the Jews….

Some people may be stupid enough to believe Trump about making America great again…..Trump is a Jew and he is lying…..and let’s get one thing quite clear Jews are top notch liars….which perhaps prompted Martin Luther to write his book….”The Jews and their Lies.”

Overthrowing Jewish minority racist rule would see Western Countries flourishing again…..BUT would require a reversal of the usual pattern….start with the top….(The Rothschilds etc).

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