Shia La Boeff ….Zio-Cretin arrested again….

Shia La Boeff the infamous Jewish racist film star and social justice warrior has been arrested AGAIN…He has been campaigning for equal access to mind altering drugs….

It is another example of entrenched anti-Semitism within the fascist police  in America.Apon being arrested he suggested that the bug spray used to subdue him contained “zyklon b derivatives”…… and suggested to police that “You wanna turn me into a lampshade….to decorate ya fuckin’ reception area,ya racist bastards”

Obviously this is another example of antisemitism rearing its ugly head in modern America…..The American police released a press statement denying “any racist intent whosoever”……”Mr La Boeff was apprehended in a drugged and disorderly state and was placed in custody with a view to employing him as a catalyzing agent in the production of a range of celebrity zio-soap…nothing more”.

In a remarkable coincidence Mr La Boef is starring in the new film McEnroe vs Borg….. about the rivalry between two famous tennis stars..The Jew La Boeff is starring as the crypto Jew John McEnroe (vs the Swede Borg)….which parallels the unseen battle between Jews and Europeans in the West……a battle for supremacy…..Western civilisation vs the forces of Chaos and Destruction…..

The Hollywood publicists have stooped to a new low by giving away publicity packs containing replica cans of Zyklon™ gas….and Bernie Madoff shrunken heads for rear view vision mirror ornaments.

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