Wimbledon zio news.

There is the compulsory attention seeking Jew who wears a cowboy suit and a Stetson suit…..in black …who always sits in the best seat.Apparently he is some sort of steward…..

Of course he is a silly pratt….but loves the limelight.He was mates with the Iranian origin CRYPTO jew Andre Agassi…..who is now married to Steffi Graf….which begs the question if Graf is a tribe member…

Rod Laver the famous Australian tennis player was in the audience….Laver is a Jew.Needless to say the media will leave him alone….unlike the abuse heaped on Margaret Court by various Jewish media….like the Guardian.

When the Jews took over Russia in 1917….Christians were targeted by the Jewish fiends…..Hundreds of churches were destroyed by the Jews of the communist party.Christian clergy were butchered by the Jews.These are indisputable FACTS.

WESTERN democracies are going to experience the same hostility and persecution of Christians as the Russians experienced…..BUT the Jews first have to gain more power to get away with it.

In America the racist fiends have put up a giant symbol of their religion outside the Whitehouse….while banning symbols of Christianity…..it’s obvious the impertinent bastards need a reality check…..luckily Americans are still armed to the teeth.

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