Another absurd article from the Zio-Guardian

Today the Guardian runs a lengthy article about why there is no peace between Israel and Palestine…

Of course it is a complete joke…The question is…WHO actually believes a word of it??.

A paragraph long article would have been quite long enough to answer this question.

Jewish Power…..The West is completely controlled by the Jews via the Jews control of International finance.ALL the Ministers of finance in ALL the crucial Western Countries are JEWS….end of story.Usually they are crypto Jews…like Britain’s former minister of finance…Osbourne.

It is as simple as that….thanks to the internet this fact is widely known.Less well known is the fact that crypto Jews are the ACTUAL leaders of Western Countries….like the Canadian dickhead Prime Minister ,like Macron ,like Trump,like May whose first port of call apon getting the top job,was to have dinner with the chief rabbi of Britain and like the house Frau Merkel.And the Jewish racists have the opposition covered too….just in case voters get the funny idea of voting for a different party….like Corbyn….he is a crypto Jew,don’t have ANY doubt about that one.

Better informed people know there is absolutely NO  chance of any peace breaking out…..infact there is every intention of enlarging Israel.Even better informed people know the Jews will make their move under the cover of a third world war….which the Jews will have initiated!!.

So assuming people are not as stupid as the Guardian obviously thinks they are…..why have preposterous Orwellian articles like this….?.Basically it is a “holding action”….a delay tactic….until Jews like Soros set up the right preconditions for mass civil unrest to break out in Europe….this will be based around the invaders pouring into Europe who are being assisted by the Jewish controlled governments….by the deliberate run down of immigration control.The public should expect that these invaders will be armed by Soros and his cohorts.You can already see something of this nature….where secret police agencies like MI5 have been caught FACILITATING terrorist attacks in Britain….it is NOT A COINCIDENCE that Parker of MI5 is a crypto Jew….ABSOLUTELY NOT A COINCIDENCE….

NO sensible person believes a word of stuff written in the Guardian….it’s pages are full of ideological bullshit.Today the Jews at the Guardian are celebrating the most “ethnically enriched” village in Ireland….Catholics in Ireland had better wake their ideas up…..because their church will be shunted aside….and centuries of tradition destroyed…FROM WITHIN.

The Guardian you might have noticed is in serious financial problems…it is being kept afloat by large corporations and donations from wealthy Jews.So it has ceased being a proper is infact a propaganda sheet….like Pravda with about the same value of truth…..fucking cunts they are.(not that,for example,The Daily Mail is any better….they are just cunts coming from a different angle….pushing the same message…..BOTH the Guardian and Daily Mail have Nazi and holocau$t stories in Abundance.)






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