US govt investigates financial crooks hiding out in Switzerland….

Private Eye makes mention of the fact financial criminals are hiding out in Switzerland too scared to leave the country in case they are nabbed by the US Govt in countries with an extradition agreement with the US.

UNFORTUNATELY since the Inland Revenue dept in NZ lives up to its name…INLAND……there is ZERO,ZIP,NADA chance of them uncovering mass tax evasion by NZ financial crooks….in Switzerland for example….like the crypto Jews FAY AND RICHWHITE…who pulled off the greatest financial scam in NZ history.

If NZers wise up and vote for NZ First,perhaps as a one off, there is a distinct possibility….Peters may be able to get things underway on prosecuting top end corruption which has been going on for decades without check.Even the raggedy arsed Gumboots English had the audacity to help himself to his expense account!.

Winstone Peters appears to be honest so may not be able to be controlled by the elites usual methods…The threat of exposure of wrong doing…..that’s how the cunts got the former leader of the NZ Conservative party….a tawdry pathetic low grade honey trap….The “honey” is now seeking to capitalize by suing the essentially honest BUT NIEVE leader of the party….

Incidently don’t be silly enough to believe the new Fishing Industry’s adverts….THIS industry is shot through with corruption.How is it the media does not investigate examples of high level corruption in NZ???….Get Real and don’t even bother asking the question….NZ no longer has a functioning fourth estate….what you have is a facsimile…..that is for appearances only.

You have JOKE political reporters like Quasi-modo on TV 3…. who specialises in fake gravitas….as he reports that Paula “Spongy-Form Encephalitis” Bennet forgot to report her shareholding in KFC…..SHOCK!.




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