Daily Mail comments vs Guardian comments.

Reading comments about articles in the Guardian is like what you may find in a communist country.The commenters are usually deadly serious about their belief system….political correctness.And heaven help you if you make a lighthearted comment about racism…..your comment will be deluged with holier than thou responses.

In other words Guardian comments are boring as fuck…..if they are not boring the Jewish censors at the Guardian will ……censor your comments out of existence.For a newspaper constantly preaching tolerance The Guardian is infact  extremely intolerant….of dissent.Your comments must conform to PC “guidelines”.Europeans,that is “whites” are constantly subjected to attacks from commenters…..change “whites” to “Jews” and the comment would be censored on the grounds of racism!.In a recent article the Jewish Guardian is hammering a familiar theme…..Jews being raciscised by special quotas at Harvard university…..by racist whites.If you were to point out that JEWS control the Ivy League universities today and that dumb Jews gain entry to the universities because they are Jews….which of course is a clear example of Jewish racism…..a comment in the Guardian about Jewish racism is actually racism…..!.

You get this sort of bullshit in countries ruled by ideologues because everything must be bent out of shape in order that it conforms to the ideology.It’s rather like the discovery of ancient dinosaur fossils ….somehow this contradicts religious ideologies…..oops..

On the other hand….Daily Mail comments can be entertaining…..if a celebrity is pictured in an article, then guaranteed,comments will point out a few home truths about the celebrity.While comments about Tony Blair in the Guardian comments will be laboured and earnest….Daily Mail comments will cut to the Chase….”Blair is a c**t…..who sold Britain down the river……”which may be followed by a witty rejoinder about his truly awful grasping zio-wife.

A Daily Mail article about Brooklyn Beckheim and his mate Jack Ramsay both the offspring of celebrities provides a goldmine of comments from readers….more entertaining than the article itself.Some Mail readers skip the articles and go straight to the comments…usually more truthful…too.

Brooklyn Beckheim gets the full treatment…..along with his mate Jack Ramsay (both Jews)…..”Thick as planks,the both of them”…..”spotty faced,bandy legged twat”…..”useless bastards”,”a joke”…..

The celebrities benefit too…..come the inevitable revolution….The mob is less likely to want to string them up…..since their failings actually humanise them.BLAIR the war criminal will be destined for the nearest lamp post….for sure ,while the mob would probably be content to see the Beckheim family working at a lampshade factory like Stings wife Trudies father did.(crypto)

You just hope the Daily Mail runs an article on its editor…..one of the biggest cunts on Fleet Street…..but there is a limit to free speech….which explains why the plucky satirical magazine Private Eye makes mention of him….It is now down to this magazine to keep the spirit of free speech alive in Britain….one helluva task.Hislop,the editor is in danger of being seduced by the media what with his regular appearances on TV…..so it really is time the oily little tick was ousted…..finding a replacement will be difficult…..”Not a Jew and apolitical”……rarer than hens teeth in British publishing.

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