Ethnic composition of the new Top Gear.

Two JEWS and an African…..

Which is odd given the fact that Britain is predominantly Anglo Saxon or “white”….

Well it is not “odd” if you understand that the BBC is controlled by Jews….totally.

The Jewish controlled BBC practices racial discrimination on a daily basis.Priority is given to employing Jews followed by “minorities”.

How do these racist Jews get away with this.Easy, the majority of people viewing the programme have no idea that Harris and the American are Jews.They are rather like the Marsh Warbler frantically feeding a Cuckoo chick…..which has pushed out of the nest…..the original Marsh Warbler chicks.

The African is there for appearances sake….he would have been chosen for the job specifically because of his ethnicity…..which is illegal under employment law.

Needless to say….The programme is a complete BORING FLOP…..because the presenters are BORING.Naturally the Jewish run BBC will go to great lengths to cover up that it IS a flop……

Top Gear has been Politically Corrected by the Jews….end of story.The Jews are in the process of blotting out the identity of Britain via mass alien immigration and they need to be stopped before they bring about the collapse of Britain….

Notice the Church of England today…it is to all intents and purposes destroyed and the hierarchy a pale imitation of leadership…..they are morally and religiously bankrupt….A JOKE…..THIS is the future of Britain as a whole.

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