Philadelphia….”a sanctuary city”

The city is giving sanctuary to illegal immigrants…..what most people do not know is the fact that the MAYOR of the city IS A JEW (crypto Jew to be exact)……This is relevant because Jews are responsible for removing laws on immigration….not only in the US but ALL Western Countries.

This mayor is responsible for the “sanctuary city”…..

The TV production “60 minutes” produced this news report.60 Minutes is produced by JEWS,that goes without saying…..The programme always attempts to portray itself as neutral….but as the news reports finish the viewer is always left with a politically correct version of events.The presenters are usually Jews of course.

Example….illegal immigrants are always portrayed as valuable members of the community just trying to raise their family…..(particularly in regard to Mexican illegal immigrants)…. and the authorities being harsh and sometimes brutal.

And the REALITY??…..well virtually EVERYONE knows about the drug cartels and their murders….and the flooding of America with massive amounts of drugs.THATS the reality…..and guess what Kiwis….The FUCKING NZ GOVT ARE ALLOWING MEXICAN IMMIGRANTS INTO NZ….with known connections to drug networks.

Just another reason to vote NZ FIRST…if this doesn’t work NZers are going to have to target MPs….until they remember…their job… represent NZers.

So 60 Minutes is a FUCKING JOKE….generally the stories they run bear no relationship to reality.

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