Speculation about Chinese “dissident” Weiwei.

A recent news report about this nutter showed him deliberately destroying a two thousand year old Chinese vase.

On this basis….it is entirely possible that this freak is actually a Chinese crypto Jew…..furthermore his activities “attacking” traditional Chinese art….just as the Jewish Warhol did with Western art….gives another possible indicator that what you see is not what you get with Weewee

It goes without saying…. destructive nutters like this PRICK get full backing from the Western Jewish controlled media……

Meantime non dissident dissidents like Dr David Kelly in Britain have been flushed down the memory hole.The Daily Mail for example refuses to allow comments from readers that suggest he was murdered by the secret police in Britain…..The file relating to his death has been put under lock and key FOR DECADES….you can work out why this would be necessary!.

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