Daily Mail resorts to outright lying in support of the zio-globalist agenda….nuthin’ unusual ‘ere,please move along.

A preposterous article about a time capsule found after 22 years (is that all!) Put in a Sydney house by a builder…..”which accurately predicted the future”.

The give away that this is TOTAL BULLSHIT is the mentioning of “Australia being the envy of the world with its multicultural society”….

No Australian builder would bother saying this especially twenty two years ago…..Aussie builders have got better things to think about than commenting on whether or not “Australia is a wonderful multicultural society”.

Actually  blatant lying Daily Mail articles like this….are good….because the more lies the mail tells the less credibility they have……there is a cumulative effect….”The newspaper that cried wolf” in other words.

Today the zio-Mail® has again got those fucking useless Windsors front page and centre….focussing on the two children is done deliberately to appeal to women….They are not stupid at the Mail but they think the readers are….obviously.

Sooner or later the MAJORITY of readers will know what the Mail is REALLY about….and it has nothing to do with quality investigative journalism.

Previously in British history the elites competed with each other….today the elites cooperate with each other to the detriment of the majority of people’s interests….sort of them against us.

Imagine the horrifying future scenario where the global elites combine with each other against the mass of humanity’s interests.This scenario seems to be playing out already…to some degree.

Once this happens the average citizen is fucked….you could be hounded around the world by the elite owned police forces………….

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