Two Jews meet en France…..

The Zio-Guardian was all over this one….like a rash.

Netanyahoo met up with Macron in France….and the dickhead Netanyahoo did not let the opportunity go to waste…he was browbeating the French again about their holocau$t guilt….(The Jew Netanyahoo did not mention the Jews in Paris who owned nightclubs in Paris which continued to operate throughout WW2…you don’t want facts to get in the way of a good holocau$t story)

Here’s the problem….Most people in France have no idea that Macron,like Cretinyahoo is a Jew!!…..and that the holocau$t scam is mutually agreed apon  by Cretinyahoo and Macron BEFORE they meet in public… is all staged in other words.

Similarly Macrons words about the “peace process” and the welfare of Palestinians….is all utter Jewish bullshit.AND Macaroni knows it.

The Vichy state in France during WW2 was also FULL of Jews….and this fact remains to this day…..Many of the very big vineyards in the south of France are owned by JEWS….including the Rothschilds……So why would the Nazis allow this to happen?……Then ask the question WHY?…..would Hitler issue the famous “stop order” to his troops and allow the British to escape back to England from Dunkirk.

So what is ACTUALLY happening here.The Jews control France 101%…They even kindly provide the French with their Presidents like they do with American presidents.The natives in France are getting restless…they are objecting to the Jews minority racist rule in the country and more importantly….all the third world immigrants that the Jews controlling France are bringing in.

It’s happened before…..and Jews get what’s coming to them when they start destroying the identity of the country they reside in……

Jews TOTALLY CONTROL THE MEDIA IN FRANCE……so obviously the French media is not going to tell the French public the REAL story of the war criminal Cretanyahoos visit to France…

These Jewish publicity scams are easy to see through once you know how Jews work.Concealing their ethnicity like Macron does is one of the key strategies employed by Jews… their superb lying ability….Jews are famous for it.Top Notch,no blinking straight out LIES….

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