New Dunkirk film said to be very good.

Let’s hope it is an improvement on Saving Pwivate Ryan….The hugely overrated Speilberg film (prodoocer of the Swindlers List Zio propaganda film)

So the movie is supposed to be good…something hard to achieve given all the movies made on the subject.(they were risking it using the Zio-pop star Styles though)

Of course vital questions will NOT be asked about the events surrounding the Dunkirk evacuation.Like WHY did Hitler issue the “stop order” which enabled the British to escape.OR..How was it that Goebbels managed to escape Nazi scrutiny….when he was packing a congenital club foot….making him a Scary ‘un rather than an Aryan….

Let’s not get difficult here….sit back and don’t ask difficult questions….you’ll certainly avoid “difficulties” doing this.

There is a chance that this film has been made with a view to current events.

THOSE PLUCKY BRITS SAW THE HUN OFF…THATS FOR REAL….but there is a major problem….their elite has betrayed Britain and a different invasion IS CURRENTLY TAKING PLACE WHICH WILL ULTIMATELY ERASE BRITISH IDENTITY FOREVER….far more lethal and insidious than a bunch of Germans showing up on the beaches of Britain.

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