Daily Mail has ANOTHER SPLASH “news” story….The Zio Windsors visit yet another holocaust© related site.

They are over doing it of course…most people are getting holicau$t fatigue…especially those who are well informed about what goes on in Israel…Where the Jews have confined the people they stole land from in a giant open air concentration camp…GAZA…..and they are also behind all the conflict in the Middle East.What about the Jews empathy for the suffering of people….The poisonous dwarf jewess Madeline Albright said the death$ of half a million children in Iraq was “worth it”……..

Jews also TOTALLY CONTROL BOTH SIDES OF AMERICAN POLITICS….they even have a barely concealed tribe member installed as president…..

So what is all this holocau$t promotion REALLY about….?.

Although the media does not reflect what is ACTUALLY going on particularly in Europe….there is widespread realisation that the Jews are extremely powerful and are behind the INVASION OF EUROPE currently taking place….and that there is an extreme danger of international Jewry fomenting another disastrous war like ww1 and 2…..to enable them to expand the state of Israel’s borders under the cover of global conflict.The Jews appear to think that by constantly brow beating the public with claims (often provably false) about their suffering they will be able to continue ruining western countries….for their benefit.It is having the opposite effect….their hypocrisy is just too obvious……

Then you have things like two of Germany’s biggest supermarket chains (Aldi the best known) being owned by Jews.The supermarkets were founded by Jews who mysteriously lived through WW2 without being turned into soap and positively thrived in post WW2 Germany…..WTF.

Rest assured the Daily Mail will NOT be running an article about German POWs who were deliberately starved to death immediately after the war.(see book by historian James Bacque…”Other Losses”…you can also read about how he was targeted by the secret police….IN A DEMOCRACY!!.)…..


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