Green Leader ‘fesses up to fiddling benefit system.A simply intolerable situation

Why???…did she do this when corrupt NZers like Sir Micheal Fay and his criminal mate Richwhite have stolen HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM NZ TAXPAYERS.

And they are far from the only ones to benefit from elite corruption….even Bill English THE PRIME MINISTER OF NZ was caught at it.

This situation is now common across all democracies….it is a case of do as I say and not do as I do.

A panel discussion on TV about the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in NZ….The Fay Richwhite privatisation scam involving corrupted members of parliament….WOULD BE PREVENTED FROM EVER GOING TO AIR!!!.

Then there was the famous “flight to freedom” of Fay….where he fled NZ like the common criminal he is,and hid out in Switzerland with his money.Make that NZ taxpayers money.

First deal with THIS corruption BEFORE even considering petty theft by the Greens leader.She needs to hire an expensive lawyer….which she will now be able to do because she is paid so much money.You have money and you have access to “justice”….you have a LOT of money and you can avoid “justice” altogether.

Keep in mind that the MP Winston Peters managed to claw back some of the money stolen by Fay Richwhite….but only 20,000,000 dollars worth.A trifling amount.THAT IS HOW BIG THEIR CRIME WAS.

No doubt Chinese immigrants are fleecing the benefit system….

Currently screening on NZ TV…is a program called Back Benches…now here is a remarkable coincidence….like such programs in Britain….it is fronted by a Jew!!! (See the notorious Dimblebee and the joke program Question Time…translated this means…you can voice your opinion and ask as many questions as you like…but it will not make the slightest bit of difference.)

Do Jews control NZ TV???….of course they do,but they don’t want you to know that….for obvious reasons.

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