The BBCs Reggie Yates….

He has the required Jewish ancestry to work for the BBC…..although you would never guess it. (Like 90% of Americans would have no idea that Obama’s mother was NOT white but rather,Jewish)

The Jewish control of Britain will gradually see Britain going into decline….Industry has been replaced by money earned from financial dealings….which can literally vanish overnight.The native population has been pushed out of many cities by wave after wave of invaders facilitated by the Jews…..The Jews propaganda organs like the Guardian describe the invasion in Orwellian terms like “enriching Britain with diversity”.

Blacks like Reggie Yates without the Jewish ancestry….in ISRAEL are subjected to arbitrary arrest and expulsion.

Is the mass invasion of Europe currently being orchestrated by powerful Jews like Soros….a conspiracy…you bet it is….and the Jews control of intelligence agencies in Europe means a coming brutal crackdown on anyone who might object.

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