The Jews and the trouble with democracy.

Switzerland has a political system which is closer to real democracy than any other country…

But this democracy is now proving to be an obstacle to the Jews multiculturalising of Switzerland.

There is a Jew working for the Jewish owned and operated Guardian who is now complaining about foreigners in Switzerland who are not getting Swiss citizenship….because LOCAL Swiss communities are having THEIR say about who can come and live in THEIR country.And the Jewish Guardian journalist doesn’t like it.

As usual the Guardian highlights borderline cases….so the Jewish journalist can cry…injustice!!.

But don’t think for a moment that powerful and influential Jews don’t control Switzerland….BUT they are held in check by Swiss direct democracy…so they cannot easily override popular opinion….Historical revisionists are persecuted by the Swiss government…in secret.

Here’s the important bit….Jews like this journalist at the Guardian “mysteriously” neglect to mention gross human rights violations in Israel.They also conveniently neglect to mention Israel’s grossly racist immigration laws…Jews Only is their motto.

So really,it is about time Britain had a much needed revolution to overthrow Jewish Minority racist rule….which like Israel has much in common with Apatheid South Africa….certainly the BBC has employment policies which favour one ethnic group above all others…THE JEWS.

Before anyone gets the bright idea of starting a revolution in Britain…keep in mind that,like the Apartheid regime in South Africa….The secret police at the top level are all of one ethnic group…Jewish…..Parker of MI5 is like one of the Jewish commissars of the Soviet Union…..The “disappearances” have not YET started….but give them time.Brutal totally unjust sentences handed out to British patriots are just beginning to be noticed….

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