Americans first move after the overthrow of Jewish race based minority rule.

There are a lot of issues confronting Americans today from the Jewish controlled Federal Reserve which is not Federal to crypto Jewish Army Generals like Petraeus and Mad Dog Mattis who are getting Americans killed and maimed fighting Israel’s wars.

But there is an even more pressing problem….Jewish controlled television which is turning Americans into barking mad idiots.

Thus the new revolutionary US Govt will take immediate steps to place Ellen Degenerate under close arrest…and in a straight jacket…..The jewess is simply too much of a threat to the well being of Americans to remain at liberty.

For confirmation of this insidious threat tune into her tv show Ellen.Like the moronic Jew Jimmy Felon,Ellen has a tame Negro/s on the sideline…..

Note the audience… Americans turned into infantile screaming clapping and cheering MORONS…is it any wonder their political system has been turned into a Jewish run farce.

So what is to be done about the lesbian jewess Ellen.Obviously she would be offered counselling to De-lesbianise her…failing that….sorry this may seem tough….but it’s the old favourite…a trip to the nearest Palmolive soap factory.

“Ellen’s Soap Factory” has a certain ring to it….you can imagine a lot of Americans dropping down to the nearest BodyShop to pick up a pack.

Alternatively Ellen could be placed in a troop transporter and parachuted into Israel….to give the racists a taste of their own medicine….



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