Daily Mail commenter makes basic error.

There were a lot of comments in the mail concerning an article about the Windsor juniors visit to Berlin.(now a favourite destination for Israeli Jews to set up shop in….there are many Jews living there….just like the good old days.)

The commenter made mention of the Windsors close association with top Nazis….and also the Rothermere crowd…The ones who own the Daily Mail…..(Roth means Red in German…so Rothschild translates to “Red Shield”.)

Rosen-berg is similar….a very common Jewish surname….like the big shot Nazi stationed in the East during WW2.There was another Gauleiter in the East during WW2….by the name of Erich KOCH….surprisingly this too is a common Jewish surname.There was the famous Jewish mayor of  New York with this name.

Then there was the laughable runt of the litter Goebbels with his congenital birth defect a club foot…obviously not a suitable candidate for a Nazi breeding program….!.

Apon investigation you get many such “anomalies”……too many to be a coincidence…..far too many!..

So YES the German Windsors DID associate with top Nazis…BUT NOT for the reasons the Mail reader suggested.

How about Kate Middleton and her undisguised ancestry….via her air hostess mother…..Her surname gives the game away completely….plus of course the uncle who lives on one of those Spanish resort islands…he is a “druggist”.

There IS a crypto Jewish elite operating in Europe…no doubt  installed by the Jewish bankers….It seems not all the Royals in Europe have been HIJACKED yet BUT ONE THING IS FOR ABSOLUTE CERTAIN……The Windsors are definitely CRYPTO Jews…..There is plenty of supporting evidence….like the fact Prince Charles was circumscribed by a Rabbi….

The older Prince Phillip gets the MORE he looks like a Jew…..or if you’re David Icke……a fucken lizard.

So the Windsors consorting with top Nazis makes perfect sense….The cunts are Germans anyway….SAXE ,Sax and Sachs are all Jewish origin names.At this point it all gets a trifle boring.

How about the BMW Qandts….and the connection of Magda Goebbels…who associated with a top Zionist jew and who expressed a desire to visit Israel like Eichmann….”The Nazi war criminal brought to justice”…..only he was a fucking Jew.

Then there is “the son of a Nazi” in Chile who owns a huge supermarket chain….making him the only non Jewish owner of a “huge supermarket chain” in the West…except he is a Jew….

One thing is for sure….if the Jews are not stopped….Europe is going to collapse….The mass invasion of third world immigrants will see to that.

When you see the Navies of Europe actually HELPING the invaders to arrive on shore….you at first think this is absolute madness….only then do you realise that it is an orchestrated plan by the Jewish Masonic elite….without a shadow of a doubt….AND expecting the leaders of European nations to put a stop to it….is expecting the impossible….THEY ARE ORGANISING IT!!.

Trouble is they will divert attention AWAY from themselves and onto the immigrants…..

The Daily Mail fills its pages with Windsor rubbish….because the Mail AND it’s owners are part of the problem.







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