Mediaworks….The cunts who inflict Breakfast tv3 on unsuspecting Kiwis.

It is NOT an anti-Semitic myth when it is stated THAT JEWS OWN THE MEDIA.

MEDIAWORKS NZ is owned by Oaktree Capital Management….a giant American multinational….actually,to be more accurate it is a “giant Jewish multinational”.

ALL the upper level management of this company are JEWS….to verify this statement simply check Wikipedia.If you are familiar with Jewish surnames it is all too obvious (Marks is the CEO…as in Marks the global drug dealer who wrote the bestseller Mr Nice.As in Marks and Spencers the failing British department store.As in Karl Marx…a variation in spelling of the same name.As in The Marx Brothers.

As long as employees stay within unstated boundaries they will be ok.But suggest that Israel (for example) is a pariah racist state which parasitises and controls America and you’ll end up like Helen Thomas… without a job and a reputation in tatters.

Naturally TV3 has an unspoken racist employment policy which favours Jews.Unmentionables like Mark Richardstein….The loathsome sycophantic pseudo ‘ardman who is forever appearing on TV.Put him on your shopping list for post revolution soap production.

When demonstrating an appropriate placard would read… “Marks for soap production”……NOW!.

Further investigation of the board of TV3 is required….knowing full well that Jewish nepotism will see to it that Jews occupy the top jobs.(It’s called racism in the real world)

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