British govt votes to speed up approach to civil war in Britain

The Jewish controlled British govt is going to continue to allow uncontrolled immigration into Britain for another five years….completely frustrating the will of the people who voted to leave the EU FOR PRECISELY THIS REASON…IMMIGRATION……AND they know very well WHY people voted to leave!.

If Britain is to survive as a country then the army is going to have to step in soon and CLEAR the trough feeders out.First they should note the CRYPTO Jews in the upper ranks of the armed forces otherwise they will get nowhere.

Then they will have to do the same with the British Secret Police…..MI5.

The Windsors will have to be sent packing too and replaced by a branch of the aristocracy that has not been infiltrated.

None of this is likely to happen….anytime soon….so the hooked nosed May will continue as usual….The coup de gras will be the Windsor who is intending to marry a bow legged American actress….which will be celebrated by the Guardian and Mail…two sides of the same coin..


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