Guardian condemns Nasty Nastasie the Romanian tennis champ for pre-racism.

You used to get this sort of thing when the Jews were in control of Russia.(they still are via the Jewish oligarchs)

Enemies of the state making non ideological statements….some of them were sent to the gulags,some even confined to lunatic asylums.

“Nasty” pondered what colour the offspring of Serena Williams and the Armenian origin crypto Jew Ohanian…would be.He suggested chocolate coloured….

A harmless statement which got him banned from attending certain tennis tournaments…for two years.That’s not to say his lecherous handling of a number of women at tennis matches did not play a role in his banishment.

Of course racism against an unborn baby….by wondering what colour it would be….is a total farce.

This marriage between the Jew (who people will assume is European) and Serena Williams may have an underlying objective….since Serena Williams ain’t no oil painting.Rather like the Facebook Jew marrying a Chinese…..and Murdoch marrying Wendy Ding Dong Ping.This will all be to do with the Jews setting up shop in China and creating a crypto Jewish elite in that country…like they have done in the West……China may be a tougher but to crack…..First the Jews have to intermarry with Chinese and,following successive marriages gradually take on the appearance of Chinese.The Jews are already players in banking in China…next theyll move onto the Chinese media….infact they have probably already made inroads here.(crypto Jews are ALREADY noticeable in the Indian media….but it is not one hundred percent Jewish like Hollywood)

Identifying Chinese crypto Jews will be difficult because of their primitive hieroglyphic type written language.The Chinese COULD represent the word Jew with a dollar sign combined with a rubber cosh representing criminality.The Sassoons gave the Chinese an early lesson on Jews….

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