Penelope Cruz…movie star

Penelope Cruz is very likely to be a genuine Spanish Marrano….

But unlike the US….The Spanish have a long history of occupation by Jews.The Spanish language has many words referring to Jews who disguise their identity….

So it’s absolutely vital that Cruz keeps a lid on her REAL ethnicity…The Spanish are a little too wise to the Jews tricks and turns,just like the Polish.

The British are due for a realisation that their country has been fucked over by the Jews….but by the time they figure it out….third world immigration will actually destroy what it means to be British.

Incidently the Spanish civil war appears to be another Jewish organised war….running both sides.The financial Jews in London financing one side while the communist Jews in the USSR the other….Spain’s gold reserves were stolen lock stock and barrel….probably by Stalin.(a crypto Jew Georgian)

Expect Cruz to pull an “anti-Semitic” style stunt similar to Mel Gibson….to “prove” her non Jew credentials.

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